“Behold! My stuff.”

For more comprehensive lists of people who are far more important and influential than me, check out uses.tech.

But, if you’re curious, this is a list of tools (and stuff) that make me happy and keep me productive. This serves as a living document and is bound to change from time to time. I’ll try keep it as up to date as I can.

Editor + IDE’s

  • I use Emacs for most things, with Evil (vim) keybindings everywhere. I currently use the Doom distribution of Emacs, but I’m slowly writing my own config using literal programming (in org) which you can see here.
  • For Python development, I use PyCharm.
  • I use the Jetbrains Mono font, but I sometime switch between Fira Code and Hack.


  • I use GNOME terminal on Ubuntu and iTerm2 on MacOS.
  • I use Jetbrains Mono Nerd Font to get some nice glyphs.
  • I use ZSH with Antibody as a plugin manager. I probably have too many aliases.
  • All my tooling configs live in my dotfiles.

Digital Garden + Building a Second Brain

  • I use org-journal for capturing my day quickly.
  • These notes sometimes expand to more in-depth notes which I keep track of using org-roam. These notes are easily searchable and have saved my hide a good few times. “I feel like I’ve solved this problem before” - Rameez. Just search it!
  • My Digital Garden is private for now, but I have ideas to open source it.


  • I try to minimise distractions by keeping a clutter free workspace.
  • I’m a huge fan of the Pomodoro Technique.
  • I block all my intensive tasks together for mornings and try keep meetings and other admin for the afternoons.
  • Use Todoist for keeping track of all my tasks.


  • I use 22Seven for creating budgets and keeping track of where my money goes.
  • I also update FinancialHealth.app (shameless plug!) once a month to track my journey to FIRE.
  • My investment philosophy is simple, “Buy the whole world, as cheaply as possible”. I invest in STXWDM on the JSE (in my tax free savings account in South Africa) and in VT offshore.
  • I purchase a bit of BTC every month as well (just to keep the BTC people happy :P).
  • I try to automate all investments and savings as much as possible to keep my emotional brain (and sometimes, heart) out of it.


  • I use a standing desk and try to alternate between sitting and standing. I try and reserve standing for more intensive tasks so I can flex my power stance.
  • I alternate between a pair of Bose QC35 II’s and Airpods (the non noise cancelling one).
  • I use a single (more than one is far too distracting) 4K monitor with a single USB-C thunderbolt 3 cable to minimize cable clutter.
  • I use a Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse because I hate buying batteries.
  • I use a (CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid I)[https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/peripheral/keyboards/quick-fire-rapid-i/] mechanical keyboard with blue keys to annoy my wife. The true beauty of a mechanical keyboard is that even if you not doing much, it sounds like you’re doing a lot!

Software + Other Stuff

  • I use 1Password for my passwords and secure notes.
  • I use Authy for 2FA.
  • I use my own VPN server using Algo on DigitalOcean and AWS.